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ranting: letter format

Dear Internet Pillock,

STOP IT. GO AWAY. A couple of months ago you used your giant brain to work out that as I hadn't replied to your last three messages, it probably wouldn't do you any good to persist. You have been showing up on my stalker list every couple of days since then (seriously, you must have the whole thing memorised by now, you don't need to keep looking at it. And in case you'd forgotten, IT TELLS ME THAT YOU'RE DOING IT), and now you tell me that "the least [you] can do" is to "say hello" and see if I want to "start over". How dense are you? I clearly don't want to start over. I was repeatedly and consistently rude to you, and then I stopped replying. Why are you even interested? Jesus fucking Christ, there are millions of women on OKCupid. Go freak out somebody else! THIS IS NOT TRUE LOVE. I AM NOT YOUR BEAUTIFUL FAINTING PRINCESS. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, LEAVE ME ALONE.


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