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It's Delightful To Be Mad

...you should try it

15 February
I'm not going to open with how old I am and what I do anymore. It'll only go and change and I'll get cross because I have to redo the damn bio. So here's a list of things that will probably stay the same for a while and I can stop fussing about writing new bios.

A couple of things you should probably know:
1. I hate David Cameron. This seems to crop up a lot.
2. I am an obsessive writer. Look for entries full of incoherent grumbling round NaNoWriMo time.
3. I really hate poetry, though.
4. I am a complete grammar militant. Misplaced apostrophes upset me. I don't even like the phrase 'txt speak' because 'text' has an E in it.
5. I'm openly pagan, but I don't write about it much. I don't think anybody's religion is public business, except possibly the Pope's. But that's his own fault.
6. I rant a lot. It's mostly political, but anything that annoys me is fair game.
7. I am currently learning the following things: the guitar, Photoshop, digital photography, sugarcraft, Portuguese, and occasionally belly dancing.
8. I get bored easily. Did you notice?