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Stupid scenes from my life, volume grandmother

Gran: How are you getting on with your soups?
Me: I'm still trying to find a decent tomato soup recipe.
Gran: Oh, I get all my soups from Phyllis. I was supposed to see her on Wednesday, actually. She was going to pick up Mary, my cousin, and we were going to go for lunch. But Mary called me and said Phyllis hadn't come to get her and did I know where she was. It turned out she'd been walking in Bath, tripped over a loose paving stone and fallen face first - FACE FIRST - on a grating.
Me: Oh, my God.
Gran: She broke bones in her nose, her cheekbones, cracked her skull...
Me: Ouch!
Gran: I spoke to her yesterday, but she can barely talk, barely eat...
Me: Wow, that's awful.
Gran:  And she makes all her own soups.

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